Document and Entity Information - USD ($)
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2019
Feb. 11, 2020
Jun. 28, 2019
Document and Entity Information      
Entity Registrant Name INNOVIVA, INC.    
Document Type 10-K/A    
Document Annual Report true    
Document Period End Date Dec. 31, 2019    
Document Transition Report false    
Entity File Number 000-30319    
Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code DE    
Entity Tax Identification Number 94-3265960    
Entity Address, Address Line One 1350 Old Bayshore Highway, Suite 400    
Entity Address, City or Town Burlingame    
Entity Address, State or Province CA    
Entity Address, Postal Zip Code 94010    
City Area Code 650    
Local Phone Number 238-9600    
Title of 12(b) Security Common Stock $0.01 Par Value    
Trading Symbol INVA    
Security Exchange Name NASDAQ    
Entity Well-known Seasoned Issuer Yes    
Entity Voluntary Filers No    
Entity Current Reporting Status Yes    
Entity Interactive Data Current Yes    
Entity Filer Category Large Accelerated Filer    
Entity Small Business false    
Entity Emerging Growth Company false    
Entity Shell Company false    
Entity Public Float     $ 1,006,059,818
Entity Common Stock, Shares Outstanding   101,300,967  
Entity Central Index Key 0001080014    
Current Fiscal Year End Date --12-31    
Document Fiscal Year Focus 2019    
Document Fiscal Period Focus FY    
Amendment Flag true    
Amendment Description This Amendment No. 1 on Form 10-K/A (the "Amendment") amends the Annual Report on Form 10-K of Innoviva, Inc. (the "Company") for the year ended December 31, 2019, originally filed on February 19, 2020 (the "Original Filing"). The Company is filing the Amendment primarily to provide an amended report of Grant Thornton LLP's audit report due to an inadvertent omission of the auditor tenure statement in the Report of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm contained in Part II, Item 8 of the Original Filing. In accordance with applicable Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") rules and as required by Rule 12b-15 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, Amendment No. 1 includes new certifications from the Company's Principal Executive Officer and Principal Financial Officer dated as of the date of filing of Amendment No. 1. This Amendment No. 1 consists solely of the preceding cover page, this explanatory note, Part II., Item 8., "Financial Statements and Supplementary Data," in its entirety, Part IV., Item 15., "Exhibits and Financial Statement Schedules," in its entirety, the signature page, and the new certifications from the Company's Principal Executive Officer and Principal Financial Officer. Amendment No. 1 does not amend or update in any way the disclosures made in the Original Filing, except as described above. Amendment No. 1 should be read in conjunction with the Original Filing and with the Company's subsequent filings with the SEC.